Next Sunday (9/15) marks my 6 month anniversary of being smoke free, thanks to the electronic cigarettes. I was a 1+ pack a day smoker for about 50 years (yeah-I started when I was just 3 ), and tried every cessation method known to man, to quit, and failed with every one of them. Now the smell of cigarette smoke makes me very nauseous, and there's no way I would ever light up again. WOW - never thought I'd ever be able to say that. My wallet isn't quite so empty either, because what I paid for a carton of cheapy generic brand cigarettes that lasted a little over a week, I now spend about the same $$$ for the e-cig cartridges and that quantity lasts me from 2 - 3 months. I find myself "smoking" less and less of those too, and perhaps the day will come when I quit those too. Both my cardiologist and PCP are thrilled with my results. If doctors recommend these, then they can't be too bad. Some studies say the long term effects of the e-cigs aren't known - (DUH-they haven't been around long enough for long term anything), but they HAVE to be far less harmful than the smoke of tobacco. I'll stay with them no matter what, since they work for me!