My best friend and her husband in London had to say goodbye to one their dogs yesterday. They have been to the vet with him so many times and done all they could for him. He was such a gorgeous and gentle boy. Here’s what my friend said:

“The Vet suggested to take an x ray of his lungs as he had been bleeding from his mouth and depending on the severity of his condition we shouldn't bring him out of the anesthesia. When we saw the x ray which showed an enormous tumor on his lung we were in no doubt, so the vet gave him the lethal injection, but had to give him more, enough to kill a grown man, before his heart stopped.”

Masey is left to comfort them, you can see him in the next picture.

Goodbye Bonzo, rest easy. You will be missed very much.

Dearest Annette and Brian, my thoughts are with you.