I really really needed something good to happen this week after all of the kitty drama, and something good DID happen! (Well, sort of)

This little dear is a German Shepherd puppy who was born this afternoon and whose father chewed off part of her hind leg. Luckily, she got to the vet within an hour of the event, and she's all stitched up. My sister in law is technically her foster mama, but we're going to be splitting up feeding...mostly I'll be feeding her during the day and my sister will do the overnights. (YAAY!)

Unfortunately, Holly was in a lot of pain this evening, so she hasn't had a full meal yet. Her pain meds are making her sleeps, so she's making do with a few mouthfuls here and there. We got some colostrum substitute in her though, and after her last dose of pain meds she seems MUCH more relaxed. Right now I'm keeping an eye on her while my sister in law is getting a cup of hot chocolate and relaxing for a bit!

Anyways, here is the princess! I already have a lead on a GREAT home for her if she makes it.