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Thread: New Kitty, need tips

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    New Kitty, need tips

    So I just got a new kitty, it's a boy and his name is Marcus. We adopted him from the shelter.
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    But we still have Mizzie,
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    who has been around another cat before (we had a male cat named Andy before we got Mizzie and he was put down less than a year ago because he was sick) but she's being mean. I realize that she's territorial and it's going to take a while. Marcus and Mizzie have already been introduced and gotten into two fights (we locked him in a room because Mizzie was getting really mad and she usually rules the roost so it wouldn't be fair to lock her up)

    I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting them more friendly with each other? I know it could take some time but anything will help really thanks.

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    If it's really bad, I take the new cat and put them in the same room with the resident kitty, only the new cat is in a plastic cat carrier. I stay in the room and watch them. There is usually some hissing and such, but in this way, the resident cat does not perceive the new cat as a threat, since they are in a carrier. I do this for about 15 minutes to a half hour once or twice a day. This helps the old cat get used to the new one in a non-threatening atmosphere. The old cat gets used to the new one's scent and sounds. After a few days, the hostilities stop and curiosity takes its place. After about a week to ten days, I introduce them face-to-face and while there is ususally some hissing or checking each other out, this soon either leads to friendship or just them ignoring each other. I'm wishing you the best of luck! This method has always worked for me.
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    That seems like a good idea but Mizzie is afraid of the cat carrier, she runs and hides because she knows it means the vet..:x thanks though, maybe I'll try it out and if Miz doesn't run away it could work

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    Katladyd meant to put the NEW kitty in the carrier and let Mizzie in the same room. That way Mizzie can get used to the new kitty without feeling overly threatened. As she said, do it for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour once a day.
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    If Mizzie hides when the carrier comes out, try putting Marcus in a bathroom or smaller room and put up a baby gate (or two, since they climb/jump) and let them get to know each other through the gate. I did this when introducing kitties. And always do it while you can supervise, because Marcus will probably eventually climb or jump the gate.
    If that's not possible get a wire dog crate (or borrow one from someone if you can) and put Marcus in that. It's not the carrier, so maybe Mizzie won't run from it.

    Good luck!! I have two cats that still only tolerate each other after 3 years of living together. The female hisses, growls, grunts and fusses when the boy gets near her. Yet she is not stressed out, so it's a happy home still.
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    Catty1: lol, I knew that's what they meant, but Mizzie as soon as she sees it runs away, doesn't matter who is going in it.

    Taz_Zoee: I've read about some people doing that but we don't have a baby gate, and the only dog crate I could think to borrow is the one my boyfriend puts our dog in when she's bad, which recently she's been bad a lot, perhaps I'll look for a cheap one on Kijiji. Thank you though

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