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    Hi Jasmine, you sound like a very sweet girl! Happy DOTD!!
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    Congratulations Jasmine, beautiful name , beautiful dog. Well done on being voted D.O.T.D.

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    Hello Sweet Jasmine, it's a pleasure to meet you. From the writeup, I can see that you are very much loved and have a wonderful personality. You poor thing-- I cringed when I read that previously you were abused and practically starved down to 20 lbs. What kind of people do such a thing?!! You must have been so skinny and yet you gave your new humans a chance and trusted them. At 20 lbs it seems to me that it was a miracle that you survived and now you are 50 lbs and very pretty. Dogs have a forgiving nature, don't they? I wish nothing but the best for you dear girl and hope you have many more years with your forever loving family. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Beautiful Jasmine!

    Hi Jasmine! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet baby girl! What a treat, having the rare white Boxer as our very special and most deserving honoree! And how perfectly named you are, Jasmine, for you truly are every bit as sweet, as lovely to look at, as alluring as your name implies! And so, the thought that anyone could abuse a helpless, defenseless creature as horrifically as you were abused, starving you to near death, is incomprehensible and unforgiveable! By thank goodness somehow you managed to muster the courage, the strength to hang on until your rescuers, and your forever family, could find their ways to you, and oh, what a happy new beginning was yours! Finally you're living the good life you always deserved, a carefree life free from worry, heavy on good, wholesome food and unconditional love; enjoying everything from car rides to your beloved river to endless cuddles and laptime! I don't know how you abused ones manage to ever learn to love and trust a human again...I guess all the more proof how much stronger, big hearted and forgiving our canine friends are than than we humans! How blessed your family is, Jasmine, having a beautiful best friend, a loving companion, a furkid in you, sweet baby girl!!! Thanks to your family for sharing your beautiful self, your inspirational story and heart melting pics with us all! You're one extra special pup, Jasmine, one in a million! Wishing for you a very happy, extra special Dog of the Day bash, and countless more wonderful years with your fabulous family! Lots of love, big hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Jasmine!

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    Hello, pretty white girl Jasmine! I would be delighted to sit down and make a lap for you! Then when it is time to get up again, I would be happy to serve you a yummy and nutritious dinner or a drink of cool water. Or help you have fun with toys, or whatever else you might like to do. 50 pounds must be an appropriate weight for you because you look healthy, strong and pretty! (I have to say I noticed your paw-dicure; are those claw covers?) I hope you have many more years of fun and love with your caring family Happy Dog of the Day, Jasmine!
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