On Sunday, I have visited our local wildlife park, hoping for some good pictures. I also wanted to look after their two lynx cubs. A few weeks ago, the newspaper announced that the female had two cubs. She gave birth in a hollow tree by the end of May and did not leave the nest with her offspring before early August. Two days later, a tragedy occured: While climbing the tree, she slipped and ended up with a broken neck in a branch fork. The two babies were immediately removed from their enclosure as it would have been too risky to leave them with their dad. They are now kept seperately, but in a cage of concrete and behind bars. There, they're all by themselves, and I'm feeling so sad for them. They've attached screens to the cage bars so they won't be disturbed by visitors, but I was able to see them from one angle and managed to take some pictures of them through several fences and from a great distance, hence the pictures are not that great because these were really difficult conditions. Here are the little orphans:

They're cute, but they also looked bored and depressed to me. I really hope they'll soon be old enough to join their dad in the big enclosure where's a lot of green grass and trees.

But there are also happier news! The meerkats, who moved in earlier this year, have babies, too, and I had the chance to see their mommy nursing them. This was really special as I have never seen something like this before!