We've had NO fights since last Wednesday morning. BOTH boys have discovered: REVERSE!

Mostly it is Willy who backs up. Early on, Tony would growl a warning and Willy would just ignore that. Now, Tony gives a soft growl and Willy is in reverse: back up, back up, back up, back UP!! Since he has arthritis in his knees and hips, often his front legs are moving faster than his rear, and he lands in a sit. Then he bounces his front legs to the side, gets up and moves away at an angle, away from Tony. This is all proper dog etiquette, not to turn you back on the growler, not to face the growler, and so on. It is rather comical as well!

There have been no inquiries about Tony; I did not expect any. He will be tough to place. So I also have been working on all the things the trainers advised. This too seems to be helping.

Tony is not a fighter. He is very fearful, and shows fear aggression. The path to address this involved building up his confidence levels. Now, it's only been a month, and this will be about a 2 year job. But I do see him settling in better now, being a bit calmer. Perhaps too, what I am seeing is the hormones calming down, his neuter was 4 weeks back now.

So both boys are working on a truce and I am working with them.

That's not to say all is FINE, not yet. Willy DOES get exuberant and I am right on him to calm him OR right on Tony to redirect him away from the commotion. Willy is and has always been my 'noisy boy,' and Tony does not like it, not one bit. So I am having to train both of them, though Tony needs more training.

Riding in the car is a scary time for Tony. He pants and drools. Since we are back and forth to my Dad's house now, a 1.5 hour drive one way, he is getting a lot of exposure to car rides. And I do take them out to places for walks, so he gets short trips quite often. This last trip back to RI (Monday evening), Tony actually slept for almost 30 minutes.

Tony, Tasha and Riley will play tug with toys and will blitz together, so the girls are doing alright with him now. They were walking on egg shells around him for over a week.

I left my camera cord at Dad's so I can't share any photos until we return to his house.