I called again to verify that I need a permit for the protest. The cop asked me if I was going to use a bullhorn or PA system and I said, "No, just my mouth." She laughed. She said as long as we don't block the entrance or exits, and don't hassle the people going in and out of the place and the cops aren't called, we should be okay. From what Janis told me, I have a feeling this jerk WILL call the cops. Let him!!! I'm 60 years old and never been arrested. BRING IT ON!!!!!! There's a first time for everything!!!


I've got your number on speed dial, dude, just in case.

I'm getting pumped about this and have a great group of people coming including a dog named "Cookie". Also notified the media (Fox61, Channel 3 and the newspapers.

I'm now off to buy poster board for the signs.