Here's the circumstances (in the words of Janis Comstock, rescuer):

"Today I spoke with "Father" Jose Mercado in the Frog Hollow section of Hartford, CT at 820 Park St., the new location of the convent of the Sisters Domenica of Fatima. This is a red house at the corner of Park St. at its intersection with Putnam St., at which location a docile, neutered and vaccinated homeless cat has resided for minimally eight or nine years. I'd been told yesterday that "they" (the nuns) didn't want him around there anymore and had told a long-time feeder and care-giver of this loving kitty to "get rid of him".

It was only by sheer coincidence I'd encountered the care-giver, who'd adopted two kittens from the former colony several years before. So, there appeared to be urgency in attempting to circumvent this uprooting of an established senior cat from the area where he'd ived innocuously for years. I showed Mercado the tipped ear and told him where the neutering/vaccinations had taken place and that it could be documented easily from the vet's office. His response?: he didn't know if I was telling the truth and that he would just bring Blackie" to the Humane Society.

This fellow Mercado (unpriestly in both demeanor and language) asked how I'd like 'a rat in my house'. I explained that a cat is certainly not a rat and that since all "Big Blackie" does is sun himself alongside the building or lay in the grass on the lawn, what possible imposition could he be to anyone. He told me that he knew his rights under the law, which allowed him to call the authorities and have the cat removed, which he planned to do today. I told him it would likely be euthanized. He doesn't work for the Humane Society, he said sarcastically. He just laughed, countered with a snotty retort, and told me to take the cat and get off the property."

I've organized a protest outside the property. It's set for this Saturday, 9/8 from 11-2. I've notified the media and the newspapers. This jerk is a "Man of God" who wanted one of God's creatures killed simply because the d-bag nuns didn't like poor Blackie sunning himself. Blackie is now safe at foster home until a forever home can be found.

I just want the public AND the church to be made aware of this man's disdain and crappy attitude towards one of God's creatures. I'll take pictures and let you know how I make out.