Yes, today, September 1st marks the anniversary of the founding of - it began on September 1, 1997. Then a year later, we branched out, and added and So today begins our seventeenth year of presenting Pets of the Day and sixteenth of Cats and Dogs of the Day.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this website, and this community. After all, without people sending nominations, photos and telling us about their special pets, these sites would not exist! We always need more animals to be Pet, Dog and Cat of the Day. If you haven't sent your pet yet, we look forward to seeing him or her soon. Please tell any like-minded people you meet and link to us on your pages, and thank you to those who already do link to our sites.

We look forward to the year and years to come! We had a simple idea years ago to bring a little bit of happiness into people's lives every day, and look how far we have all come together!