Dearest Micki, what an utterly adorable young kitty boy you are, with your pretty white fur with the black splotches and your sweet little face with the pale yellow eyes and your tongue sticking out. I wish I could reach all the way to Germany and pet you and tickle you under your chin! All your pictures are gorgeous, and the one of you wrestling with and hugging and love-nipping your sister Bella is priceless.

You and Bella are so lucky that your Purrrson adopted you together, so you have each other to play with in your Furrrever home. He/she loves you both very much. You make her/him smile with all your antics and energy, running around and playing with silver paper balls and bottle caps, and then you're done, sticking your tongue out. And for cuddle-time you nudge your nose right into his/hers, often for quite a while. What a delightful love-filled home you all share!

Congratulations, darling Micki (and Bella) on being selected today's Cat(s) of the Day! We hope you and your Purrrson are all enjoying a fine day of celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite treats and games.