Hi PT friends -

Yesterday morning around 11:00, two kittens were seen running along the tracks of a Brooklyn subway station. The power to the rails was shut off and the station was closed while two transit workers and a police officer went down with carriers trying to safely catch 8 week old Arthur and August. We all know what it's like trying to catch a kitten that doesn't want to be caught. The kittens kept eluding their rescuers by darting in and out from under the tracks. The station was reopened about 2 hours later and a warning was sent to all subway operators to go through the station slowly and watch for them. The station was shut down again later in the afternoon and a group of transit workers made another rescue attempt. It took some time but the kittens were seen darting under a track. One of the transit workers was still wearing his work gloves so he reached under the track and was able to get both of them. Both were put in carriers and taken to a shelter where they're being cared for. From there, Arthur and August will be taken to another shelter where they'll be socialized and hopefully be up for adoption in a few weeks.

A very special thank you to the kind hearted transit workers who did so much to save these beautiful kittens. Here's hoping they both find loving furever homes far away from the subway.