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Thread: iPod shuffle question - downloading music.

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    iPod shuffle question - downloading music.

    I have an iPod shuffle and I want to DL music to it w/o using iTunes.

    I have tried to DL iTunes onto my laptop and it just screws everything up - I have win 7/64 bit with 4.0 mg of memory.

    iTunes slows everything down it freezes when it gets to one of the last steps of loading the program.

    I have seen ways of being able to DL music w/o using iTunes and just find it to be too hard to figure out - I can install printers and run diagnostics on my machine - I am not that dumb, but I cannot get my head wrapped around the way to convert my music to put it on the Shuffle.

    Does anyone know how to do this in a quick, not-to-technical way?


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    That's weird about iTunes acting that way.

    One idea - restart your laptop in Safe Mode With Networking (tap F8 a lot on restart) and run an antivirus scan. is a great one - watch and make sure you get the free version. AND after it installs, the last thing it will show you is a small window with 3 check boxes. Uncheck the "trial version" one, or you'll start getting warnings in a couple of weeks to pay up!

    Add these cleanups to your regular (whatever that is!) schedule:

    1. Prefetch - Found in Computer/Local Drive/Windows. Double click to open folder then press Ctrl and A to select all items. Press Delete key. You will be asked if you want to send the items to the Recycle Bin. Click “Yes”.

    2. Ccleaner - Double-click the red C to open Ccleaner. Go to the Windows tab. Click on Run Cleaner in the lower RH corner of the window.. Let run til finished.

    Do the same with the Applications tab. If you are running Firefox or another browser in addition to Internet Explorer, uncheck Cookies and Autocomplete as well.

    In the left hand column, click on Registry. Click "Scan for issues" below. Click "No" to Back Up Registry popup box when it appears after you click "Fix Selected Issues" in the lower part of the box. Follow the prompts. Repeat the Registry scan until no more appear.

    3. Disk Cleanup - Found in Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. Double click to run. Minimize “Run Weekly” folder to view or click on the Disk Cleanup icon in the tray below. After it scans it will then show a window with a list of items with small boxes to the left. Make sure all boxeshave check marks in them. Click OK then Yes to confirm deletion.

    For easier access, right click on Prefetch and Disk Cleanup and choose Send To - Desktop (shortcut)
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    Definitely do run the stuff Catty1 recommended. You do NEED to be able to run iTunes - that is how iPods are controlled. They may be kludgy work-arounds, but the best idea is to get your machine cleaned up and running stuff correctly.
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    I'll try some of those fixes.

    I did put a new Anti Virus/System Mechanic program to get it BACK to where I could load and listen to music and get the computer to run again..........

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