The 'unofficial' end of Summer is a few days away!

I saw HALLOWEEN costumes in the stores - that give us about 60 days to figure out what to do?

I am looking forward to the fall and baking....


How's about a berry mojito to start things out with?

5 fresh mint leaves
1 teaspoon(s) granulated sugar
4 wedge(s) lime, juiced
2 ounce(s) Bacardi Razz
1/4 ounce(s) Chambord
1/4 ounce(s) blue Curaçao
1 splash(es) club soda
Mint, for garnish
Raspberries and blueberries, for garnish


1.In a tall glass, crush mint with a fork. Add sugar and lime juice; stir. Add Bacardi, Chambord, and blue Curaçao; mix. Top with club soda. Garnish.