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Thread: Introducing Freddie Peace *Happy update*

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    Introducing Freddie Peace *Happy update*

    Kyubey has been struggling with separation anxiety when my hubby is not around. Since hubby is hunting for a job, we decided that we needed a friend-cat NOW, before Kyubey has to learn to adjust to a new schedule. I was dearly hoping that my foster Celeste would work out well and be a keeper, but it became clear pretty quickly that our household was totally overwhelming for her. Over the five weeks I had her, she got progressively MORE upset by the comings and goings in the household, not less. Luckily the no-kill shelter I was fostering through is well aware of that and will find her a good, quiet home.

    That left me still looking for a friend for Kyubey. I also hoped to find a cat who would bond to me as solidly as Kyubey has bonded to my hubby. Those two are inseparable...and while I know Kyubey loves me, if hubby is in the room I might as well not exist!! I have always known that the next time I got to choose a cat (as opposed to the cat choosing me) I would want to look for a black cat.

    So I hit petfinder looking for a sociable black cat who might fit in well. I Somehow missed Freddie in my initial searches, but once I read his bio I couldn't stop coming back to look at him. His foster mom described him as being always underfoot and involved in everything she did. She said that she named him Freddie because she had to dance like Fred Astaire to keep from tripping over him because he's always underfoot.

    After exchanging a few emails with his foster mom, there was no question in my head that he was exactly the kitty I was hoping for, so he came for a home visit. Freddie has an endearing habit of hiding beneath things when he's nervous. He spent the first hour of his home visit firmly planted beneath a pillow, but he did eventually venture out and heatbutt my face. In that moment, I was his.

    Freddie spent FOUR YEARS in foster care because he is a black cat, and because he gets nervous at pet fairs and hides beneath his blanket. I'm sorry he had to wait so long, but delighted to welcome him home.

    Freddie came home for good a few days ago. He is living in the spare room to start with, and Kyubey has been coming in for short visits. They seem to like each other; they take turns following each other around the room and they touch noses. The only hiss so far happened when Kyubey startled Freddie while Freddie was in the litterbox. Otherwise, Freddie is eating, drinking, playing, scratching, and only hiding a little bit...not bad for his second day home!

    The final hurdle will be introducing Freddie to Jasper, which I am going to take S L O W L Y. Once Freddie is ready to be out in the rest of the house, I will start taking Jasper to work so Freddie can explore undisturbed during the day.

    I know everyone is waiting for pictures, but I suck at taking pictures of black cats's my best shot so far!
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