My granddaughter and her boyfriend just got home from a week vacation in France - in the Paris vicinity. They stayed with the family of her boyfriend's friend, and had a marvelous time. She stopped over yesterday and we poured over 500+ pictures that she took, and the scenery was amazing - Paris, views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, castles, Normandy, etc. Really the trip of a lifetime.

I was asking her about the food there - she said it's definitely "different" and was glad to be back home to eat what she is accustomed to eating. They stayed away from the trendy and expensive eateries tho since they were on a budget. She said surprisingly enough, she saw people drinking more beer than wine. You can get pizza, but she said she never saw any made with anything other than tuna or ham. YUK - tuna on pizza???? Their house host and hostess made them lasagna one night - made with salmon, spinach and I can't remember what else she said was in it. Every morning they had crepes made with fresh fruits from their gardens - now that would be to my liking.

Anyone here ever been to France?? If so, how did you find the food to be? She also said the personal hygiene of most residents leaves a lot to be desired too - especially if you happen to be in a small taxi with them.

Now it's back to reality next Tuesday when she starts her senior year at the university. Doesn't seem possible that those first 3 years went by so fast.