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Thread: Mikey Pics and an Update! :)

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    Mikey Pics and an Update! :)

    So I got an early birthday gift, a brand new, upgraded Superzoom camera. It's like one step above a point and shoot, and one step below a DSLR. More specifically a Nikon L820. I am attempting to get into wilderness/wildlife photography for a blog I run, so I needed a better camera than just an underwater point and shoot with 5x zoom. This camera has 130x zoom! So it's almost as good as a DSLR, I just don't have to buy stupid extra lenses.

    Anyway, I finished my COLLEGE level MATH class with a B-, did you ever think I'd ever get a B of any sort in a college level math, because I didn't?

    These were taken a few hours ago at Allaire State Park here in NJ. Some are goofy and some he looks really obese in, but rest assured, he's not!

    He's tied up to a picnic table LOL he isn't off leash. That was also almost full-zoom so they're surprisingly super clear!
    Here's some assorted wildlife photos:

    Midflying! Not too bad!

    Anyways, I'll probably share more wildlife pictures with you as soon as I get them, or just my pictures in general. School starts in a week so I may not be on as much so I thought I'd post a few now.

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