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Take a chunk and just rub it down the teeth. In a pinch a bar of soap will work, but obviously won't last as long.
When we were kids, soap on the teeth helped keep foul language outta my brother's mouth and that didn't last long either?


I wear t-shirts all the time and ABHOR the new 'tagless' shirts.

The new labels - which are nothing more than iron on lettering that fades after repeated washings - make it difficult to find the front of the shirt because they are long gone.

What I do is take a needle and thread - of a contrasting color - and throw a few stitches at the back of the neck line, near the stitching on the collar where the label USED to be.

It even helps when I take my laundry out of the dryer - I know exactly what is the front and if the shirt IS inside out.


I have tag-less underwear, too.

I have no problem finding out the front from the back.

The holes help?