Sometimes there are things one thinks are common knowledge, but are not! Yesterday evening, I discovered one I though "everybody" knew no one else did but me! We were at a fellow choir member's house, and the pastor got pine pitch on his hat, didn't realize it, went to wipe it off, thinking it was bird poop, and ended up with his fingers stuck together no matter how much soap and water he tried. He was wearing yellow rubber gloves to drive home so he didn't get stuck to his steering wheel, when I told him, "when you get home, use vegetable oil, the pitch will come right off.

At church this morning he wiggled his clean hands at me, delighted that it worked. Said, in surprise, "It was great, came right off! How did you know that?" I explained my parent's house has two big pine trees, and as a kid, I also would pick up pine cones wherever I went because I think they are neat! So my grandmother, my mother - everyone knew veggie oil of any sort was the key for removal!

Pine pitch removal: vegetable oil of any kind

And skunk smell remedy - Listerene - soak the dog, cat, object in Listerene for 5 minutes, then wash with normal soap, and it's gone!

What similar remedies do you know for everyday problems? Let's make this a resource thread!