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    Dino was an adorable puppy! Bless your mom for saving his mother and littermates! I'm very sorry Dino couldn't be saved.
    It's so hard to lose them at such a young age. At least Dino knew love in his short life with your family.
    I hope seeing him as DOTD is a special honor for your family.
    Forever in my heart...

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    Oh dino, your story put me in tears. I'm sorry you could not be saved. At the very least at least you had a family that was trying to help you. xoxoxo
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    I'm so sorry

    Oh this story about Dino made me so sad. Such a hard start in life. But at least he knew love and kindness for a little while. And you're right. You can take some comfort knowing that you did everything possible and that he is now with his mom in a beautiful place. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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    Precious Angel Dino~

    Precious Dino, sweet angel baby...I hadn't read but a few lines of your human's love filled tribute, glanced at but a few of your heart wrenching photos, before the tears began to fall. I'm heartbroken that you were taken from this earth, those you loved, long before your time, but so grateful to your forever family for rescuing you and all of your siblings, giving you all a chance at a happy life. Your family did all in their power to heal you, sweetheart, but sadly that was not to be. But blessedly, during your short time on this earth, you knew nothing but the unconditional love of truly caring and devoted humans, a brief few months of happiness. And now, as your special person says, healthy and whole once more you run joyfully with your fur mom at the Rainbow Bridge, awaiting that happy day when you all are together again. Until that happy day, hopefully, the cherished memories you and your wonderful family made, the pawprints you left on their hearts, will comfort them. Their precious Dino, never to be forgotten, forever loved. How blessed your family was to have known your beautiful spirit and your love, Dino. You were truly one very special little boy, and so very deserving of your Dog of the Day...Dog of a Lifetime...honors. I hope seeing you being memorialized here today gives your family some small amount of comfort.

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    Blessings on Dino's spirit

    Hello. Thank you for sharing Dino's story. Although his life here was short, I am sure you made a great difference for him. He is fortunate to have had the care your family gave. He was a lovely creature who did not have to suffer long. I am sure he will remain in your thoughts for many years to come. It is a comfort to believe his spirit lives with that of his mother and other pups and dogs. Blessings on you for your care. Rescues know they are loved.

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    Poor little Dino

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    Soo sorry to hear about your little dog. It is hard enough to lose a pet who is old and you are halfway prepared for it, but to think you are saving a loving puppy and have it pass away so soon has to have been devastating.

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    Such a sad story, So hard for you too. Run free and happy little one.


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