So I have recently decided to adopt a newborn kitten that comes from a stray mother and I work at a reconditing faculty around cars all day so we have a big lot with automatic car wash, mechanics, detailers, quality control, transport, cosmetic inspection, smog, and GPS. Soooo it's a big lot! One of the stray cats that lives on our lots gave birth to 5-6 kittens and she took all but one. She never came back for it because I believe one of the painters touched the kitten or my coworker said she was the "runt" in the pack so the mother didn't want her. So at lunch looked everywhere for the mother and her kittens but never found them and once it was time to leave I couldn't let the kitten stay there to die so I took it home that was this past Monday and now it's Friday... I never owned a single cat in my life but I feel obligated to take care of this kitten so her name is Lucy and I just want to know what are some of the stuff I should know about kittens to keep her healthy? Help please...I feed her right now liquid Kitty KML and heard the powder is better so gonna buy that today and does the liquid ones spoil? What if I feed her and she eats alot do I cut her off? How much do i give her? She was born Sunday August 18th..I believe cuz her umbilical cord was still attached when I first got her...and we work mon-fri so it was either Sunday or Saturday.. Join this pet talk cuz I need help with her. Everyone keeps telling me she's gonna die and I definitely don't want that since that's the reason I took her in, in the first place.