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Thread: ARGH!!!!!! Insurance company and replacement value

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    ARGH!!!!!! Insurance company and replacement value

    So why have I been paying a premium based on the full replacement value of my household inventory if it is first depreciated by my company? Sounds like theft to me and I've told them that. I've mostly kept up with it and increased the coverage due to inflation and additions. My policy is for $29 000 on household inventory. My claim is for around 1100 and I've even been honest and told them more was taken but I can remember exactly what at this time.

    This is the first claim against this policy ins 20 some years. I have an auto policy with them and have made only two claims in 25 years. First was an accident 22 years ago and two years back a rock damaged the windshield.

    Odd;y your claim paperwork doesn't tell you these things and the fine print is too muddle to clearly understand.

    any ideas, folks?
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