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San Gabriel CA,Bonded Pair To Be Split Up & Taken To Separate High Kill Shelters!
Posted to Rabbit Action Alerts by Linda Sue Aug 21
Bun Bun & Angelina Ballerina

Bonded Bunny Pair To Be Split Up and Taken To Separate High Kill Shelters - One Bun Wobbly and Needs Meds.

I received this today and we have 5 DAYS ONLY (until Aug. 26)!

Los Angeles California! Wobbly Bunny and Friend Kill Shelter Bound, Help!
(Kinda like Cerebellar Hypoplasia )

Bun Bun (Brown and White, wobbly, on meds, no head tilt) and Angelina Ballerina need a home within 6 days, or they will be split up and brought to different HIGH KILL shelters. Their owner is moving to an apartment that does not allow pets. The bun on meds, Bun Bun, has a slight wobble and is improving, but will surely be killed at the Carson shelter, and the other will sit for God knows how long grieving for her friend.

The Local Rescues are Full!

These rabbits were dumped at a shelter instead of re-homing, but to also separate them, especially a bunny in treatment who will surely be killed, is UNCONSCIONABLE!

PLEASE HELP and don't let this happen! If you can Foster these buns for even a short time, it will get them out of the shelter and save their lives.

Please contact me.

Cat Logsdon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 626- 576-BUNI (2864)