Coco has been on anxiety medication (Amitriptyline HCI) 100 mil-grams twice a day for several years. Monday he had a what was called two "focal seizures" that latest 5 seconds each.

We did a full panel blood work up and all his organs are ok. It was determined the medication caused the seizure. A dog who is between 3 yrs and 7 yrs of age is prone to seizures to start. Something I didnt know until Monday. Coco is 5 yrs old. The medication is lowering his ability to fight off having a seizure.

Weaning process has begun it should take 2 weeks. So far Coco is doing great without the extra pill a day. After one week he will go every other day having a pill.

We are looking into other anxiety medications. Luck has it I just had the rx refilled so I will have about 85 tablets not used. Going to ask if pharmacy to destroy them for me. I know they cant take them back.

His training results haven't suffered thankful we keep daily training up. He did have Monday and Tuesday off.