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CH kitty at Brooklyn ACC

Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:05 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Francesca Kennedy" francesca.kennedy

There is a moderate CH female, 14 weeks old at BACC on the New Hope first alert list. I can have her pulled if I have anyone interested. I can't copy paste her info because I'm on a mobile device and yahoo is difficult on mobile.

She is 14 weeks old, eats on her own, falls over, no info on litter box use. She also has an abscess on her neck that has been treated and flushed but will require follow-up vet care. She is a brown tabby, very cute.

If anyone is interested please post on the CH Facebook page or email me at devilkittie (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'm hoping a rescue will pull her but it's always good to have a plan and backup plan.

There is also Bianca, a little kitten reported to have rear leg ataxia, along with her non-special-needs sibling Leilani, who need rescue.

Please email me as above, if interested.