Every morning and evening I walk Towser to the neighborhood lake and back. The route we take makes for a 3 mile round trip, but the lake's access point is less than a mile away from home. Our walks really help keep Towser's energy in check and I don't feel so bad about him having to be crated when I'm at work (he chews windowsills when he gets bored... I think he'll grow out of it, though). He minds very well on his walks, and the only downfall is having to dodge speeding drivers on their way to work and school. I think I'll just bump up our morning walk to an hour earlier. Anyway, the past two days I took a few pictures... enjoy!

Daily destination....

The lake!

This is about as close as he will get to the water. His mother and brother took to the water like ducks, but I think the fact that this lake is too dirty for him to get in has made him view water as uninteresting. I plan on taking him to the river before it gets too cool... maybe that will change his mind!

"Are we done with the pointless posing? There is uncharted land to explore! Adventure awaits!"

At the old dock. The new one is on the other side of the lake. We hardly go there because it is usually occupied.

We like going to the lake in the mornings the best. No one's around and Towser likes playing King of the Mountain and find the best view.

Our favorite place to watch the sunrise.
Here's a fun fact... Towser's trigger word to make him do a head tilt is "Tickle, tickle, tickle". lol

Some of the "neighbors". A couple of years ago there were just two geese (the one in the center is one of the originals) and I have witnessed them gaining and losing members of their gang over the years. At one point they always hung out with a little mallard, but now there are 6 geese in total that hang out on the lake. An older man feeds them so when they are hungry you always find them making a racket outside his house.

Thats all the photos for now! I might have more to share later in the week. I hope you guys enjoyed.