Hey again, guys. It's been QUITE some time since I last posted here. Sorry, had been busy with quite a lot of things lately. I did drop by at times but rarely ever posted. Sorry about that..
Well, the news about One Down, isn't a good one. He's growing old and got sick a lot lately. In the beginning of summer, he had tumor like thing on the side of neck and bled profusely. He visited the vet quite a lot. His healing was slow because of the humid and hot weather. He wouldn't let the bandage stay on. After he finally recovered properly, he became the same old playful One Down again. But, then yesterday, our manservant went into the balcony and found One Down bleeding from the side of his neck. There was a hole like wound. One Down wouldn't let himself be touched. He soon became weak and was taken off to the doctor as soon as it could be possible. I had to attend a language class and then when I returned home, I was studying with my mother when One Down returned from the doctor. My cousin called me and asked me how I was and stuff like that. Her chicken had to visit the doctor so it went along with One Down, so, my cousin knew what One Down's reports were. She then told me One Down wasn't going to survive and that he had cancer and so she was like "Aren't you going to cry?" and "What're you going to do now?" At first I thought she had heard some exaggerated news. After the phone call, I rushed outside and went through his reports. He had some cancer or tumor or something of the jaw, I couldn't quite understand it. but, it said that the chance of survival was 20%. :'( T_T At first I couldn't quite absorb what I had read, but, after thinking a little deeply, and realizing there won't be a goofy eared little munchkin around soon, I burst into tears. There won't be that cute little doggy on the other side of the window door, giving me a high five with his wee little paw. There are tears in my eyes even now. I've been in a bad mood lately and couldn't even study properly. But, I'll keep on praying with all my heart because there is still a 20% chance of survival. There is still hope, so, please pray for One Down's health and life as well. God bless this dear one. Aameen!!
Sorry for not posting at all for so long and then coming back with such bad news. I'll try coming online whenever possible and will try posting more often as well..