It doesn't seem fair to lump all into one, but I'd be forever posting these.

March 13 Callies Gotcha Day 2012. She's 2 -3 years old. This is the day she was vetted. I caught her the week before and was feeding her 2 months prior.

April 15 - Sam's celebrated Birthday Sam is 10 now

April 15 or May 1 - Jane's celebrated Birthday Jane is 4 now Depends on how I celebrate that year.

June 25 - Emily and Bob's celebrated Birthday and Gotcha Day 2011. Emily is now 15 and Bob is 7. Best guess at the time, although my vet has Bob as 10 right now I think.

August 15 - Spunky's celebrated Birthday. He is 12 now.

And to come - I will re post these hopefully.

Sept 14 - Janes Gotcha day 2009 as a 5-mo kitten

Sept 29 - Spunky's Gotcha Day 2001 as a 6 week 0.6 lbs kitten. He looked like he was two weeks old but was eating wet food and using the box, well sort of on the score.

Right now Bob is sitting behind me on the computer chair. I have to share it with him. He pokes me to pay attn to him or vacate the chair. Never sure which.

Edit: It was Mr. Spunky. Or when I got up and turned around that's who was there. hmmmm. Maybe that's why I wasn't being poked with sharp claws.