Anyone watching SYTYCD this year? Do you like the new one show a week format? I find I do not like it, and it seems much less to discuss with others and think about between shows. And of course it means we only get one Cat Deely outfit per week to either marvel over or puzzle at ... anyone has any favorites this season?

I am so surprised the judges keep saving that ballroom brunette dancer, when she has been consistently voted in the bottom. This is theoretically America's favorite dancer, no? You all telling us to love her isn't going to work. She's perfectly fine, and competent, but, eh ... I don;t even, as you can tell, remember her name from week to week!

And I am thrilled both Jasmine and Aaron are doing so well, they were apparently partnered because of height reasons, but made that work very well, and I hope they continue to thrive with the AllStars.

I wonder how they chose the "all stars" as some of them just seem to be former contestants who did passably well ...