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Thread: Back from the Abyss: so where have I been?

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    Back from the Abyss: so where have I been?

    Greeting Pet Talkers,

    I know I disappeared sometime in early Spring or late Winter. AT that time I have been on Methotrexate and it was making me tireder that it should have been. It was lowering my blood sugar, thus making me hungry and causing a lot of fatigue. I was having hypoglycemic attacks. I was the one who figured it out, not the doctor.

    So he asks me to try Arava. At first it seemed okay. I wasn't really too tired from it. He increased the dose (doubled) and about 10 days later I started with some flu-like symptoms. That is a warning sign, but I chose to ignore it for a while because sometimes the flu is the flu. Less than two weeks later, I have no voice, can't breather through the nose, but I'm not running a fever anymore. Yet I can't talk or eat because I start coughing. I was experiencing a slow allergic reaction. Arava was closing off the bronchial and sinus passages making it difficult for me to do more than just breathe. I went to a GP and there we figured out was I just told you. two shots of steriodshad me felling better. I needed another shot later on, but did make noise about it since the Arava was suppose to clear in two weeks. Then the Rheumatologist tells me it can take 6 weeks to clear. Virtual head whomp on him. He got a piece of my mind that day.

    I started the chemo at his insistence because my inflammatory values were so high. He insisted and used scare tactics to encourage me saying that he would be remiss in his duties if did not make it clear how sick I was. YAYA

    So now I'm on no chemo at all. We are taking a break. I said, "I'm am 0 for 2 on the chemo. Is the third time the charm? Do we risk it?" He agreed it was best to not take any more risks.

    So most of the late Winter and Spring I was too tired to talk and just played games on Face Book.

    I have a lot more energy these days.

    I'm going to try to read some posts to catch up, but may not have much time. I'm being formally observed this year and when I'm not earning extra money, I will be preparing for my classes.
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    Welcome back!!! I'm sorry to hear about your health but I'm glad that you're doing and feeling much better now. I hope that things start getting better for you too. Take care. (((HUGS)))
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    Hi Anne.........

    I was concerned about you since you've been M.I.A. for so long. I thought you were mad at PT or had forsaken it for FaceBook as so many others have done. I didn't have an email for you, so couldn't try to rattle your cage that way, and I have your address in my address book that is packed away. So glad to see you back - hope you're here to stay.

    Sorry to hear of you ongoing health issues - and financial issues really suck too. I live on S.S. - so I feel your pain. Hope you can continue with your job, at least.

    I'm getting ready to move to NC - soon. I was supposed to make the move in June, but there have been obstacles. My only surviving sib - my brother - passed away in late May, and I just lost Myndi on Aug 9th - 10 months to the day after I lost Sparky. She lived a long and spunky 17.5 years, so she has earned her rest now.

    Keep in touch - and no more disappearing acts - ya hear????? Hope all is well with your furkids too.
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    Glad you're back on track - sorry you've been going through so much! Prayers for better days!

    ​GO RAVENS!!


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