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Thread: Today's adventure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    Did not know swans will move the geese out; that hasn't occurred at the Reservoir, lol, they all seem to co exist.
    I don't think they "move them out" rather, they limit how big the flocks will get, as they compete for similar resources ...
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    Great pictures, Karen... well, Paul! We have swans in the lakes here, but mostly ducks. They're all beautiful. People have been asked not to feed them, since the lakes are swamped in bread, which is not good for other life in there. Have never seen a turtle here, other as a pet.

    Some swans even get tangled up in the wires and fall down in the street.

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    Wonderful photos! I love the ones of the heron. Those are my favorite birds (aside from my own feathered kids, of course!). Like many others I have a heck of a time trying to photograph them. They are just so aware of everything going on.

    Its so odd to read of PTers who rarely see turtles in the wild. The lake I live near has many species of turtles that call it home, so not seeing them on a daily basis in the warmer months sounds downright foreign to me!
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