Do you name the wild critters you see in your yard often? I do, but I know I have what my family calls "the naming gene" - right now outside Benny Bunny is nibbling birdseed with a couple sparrows for company. I don't have a good picture, as in true wild rabbit fashion, he only visits near dusk, when the lighting is poor. But we also have several squirrels and a couple chipmunks that I refer to by name. It's funny, as the other day I said to Paul, "Oh, that's Sebastian out there!" "How can you tell?" he said. I replied, "Oh, easy - he's the lighter colored one with the extra long, thinner tail!" (It's at least 2 inches longer than any other of the squirrels who visit.

Said Paul, "You should hang little different-colored nametags on them, so *I* can tell them apart, too!"