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Thread: Wild animals - do you name them?

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    Wild animals - do you name them?

    Do you name the wild critters you see in your yard often? I do, but I know I have what my family calls "the naming gene" - right now outside Benny Bunny is nibbling birdseed with a couple sparrows for company. I don't have a good picture, as in true wild rabbit fashion, he only visits near dusk, when the lighting is poor. But we also have several squirrels and a couple chipmunks that I refer to by name. It's funny, as the other day I said to Paul, "Oh, that's Sebastian out there!" "How can you tell?" he said. I replied, "Oh, easy - he's the lighter colored one with the extra long, thinner tail!" (It's at least 2 inches longer than any other of the squirrels who visit.

    Said Paul, "You should hang little different-colored nametags on them, so *I* can tell them apart, too!"
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    Yup - 2 chipmunks that reside around the a.c. unit - Charlie and Charlene! If they eat any of the wires - they will be Dead and Deader!
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    LOL--love the names Pom...the ones if they chew the wires. We have squirrels that try to get to the bird houses so I just look out and call them the Night Raiders. Certain birds that I recognize are called my Cheery Chirpers. And the woodpecker who insists on making a racket on the troughs I call the Idiot Noisemaker. The ravens that will grab the shiny object that I put out I call the Hoarders. One thing nice about living in the country, never a dull moment.

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    We name the squirrels that visit us at the cabin.
    There was Little Beggar then Little Better 1, 2, etc. Then we had one who visited us all the time that we named Friendly (said very sarcastically because she was anything but!).
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    My husband (who as y'all know is a hunter, since he was a child) has named the bunnies he sees on his morning walks with Jadie. If he doesn't see them he is worried!
    I this man so much.

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    We have a baby skunk hanging around this week. No way am I naming it. I just call it little guy.
    We have squirrels and hummingbirds, but I can't tell them apart, so no names.
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    I just have Chippy the chipmunk. We have lots of them around but Chippy is the bravest and will actually take peanuts out of my hand. Must confess though I do talk to the birds and tell them off if they are fighting over the bird feeder.

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    It's funny, Paul once asked me if the sparrows had names, and I told him, no, as there are too many, and they always seem to travel in a flock of varying size! Similarly Mama and Papa mourning dove - just get called Mama and Papa, as does Mama Cardinal and Papa Cardinal - both of them have very distinctive harsh calls, and of course are completely obvious with their coloring!
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    No. dont see any that often to. hear them though


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