Owning a business is all about making money, and in this day and age, too many of them have lost their ability to care about anything except the almighty dollar, and forget that Mr Consumer is who puts that almighty dollar in their pocket. More of them could do well to take a lesson from one business who I dealt with, that went above and beyond to accommodate my situation.

My dear little Myndi was a sweetheart - except when it came to taking pills. She would find every way possible to spit one out, no matter what I did and how I tried to hide it. She was on Tramadol for the pain of her arthritis in her legs and spine - a very bitter tasting pill, and I couldn't even grind it up and put in her food - because then she wouldn't eat the food. After all tricks were exhausted, I asked her vet if it could be compounded in a cream to rub in her ear. She checked it out with a compounding pharmacy up state - they could do it - and so that's how we finally fooled The Myn. She was now getting her pain med all the time as she needed it, and it was hassle free.

When she was taking the Tramadol in pill form, it cost me $9 per month at Walgreens - now I paid $40 per month for the pre-measured doses of the cream. Since it was made up in 3 month batches, that was $120 plus $10 UPS shipping to me. Somewhat pricey, but at least I knew that she was getting every dose now as she should.

Last week she was down to her last week's worth, so on Thursday I called in for the refill. It would be delivered Friday afternoon. Well as some of you know, on Friday morning my little Myndi made the journey to RB. As I was sitting here alone on Friday afternoon, lost in my thoughts, I realized that her med would be here later in the day - all $130 worth that would now go to waste.

Pharmacies don't do returns on drugs - do they???? It was a shot in the dark - nothing ventured/nothing gained - so I decided to call the pharmacy to see if there was anything I or they could do. I explained my situation to the girl that answered - she put me on hold and went to the owner - and came back and told me - "no problem". All I had to do was to refuse the package (don't accept or open it), and when they got it back, they would credit my credit card. I was floored! - and extremely grateful. That's money that will be used toward Myndi's cremation expense.

Wednesday I got a call back from the pharmacy - they received the package back and were verifying my card #, and then went on to tell me how sorry they were about what happened - asked about Myndi - her age and a little about her etc, and were so very compassionate. I got the original purchase receipt and also the refund receipt in the mail yesterday. Not only did they refund the price of the med, but also their cost of shipping it to me. Absolutely amazing and pretty much unheard of - don't hear of much treatment such as that anymore!

Just thought I'd share a GOOD experience with a business - you hear of so many bad ones all the time it seems. If I hadn't taken a chance and made that call, I never would have known.......