Idun is a great farm dog. She guards the house, the yard and all residents there. She'll never back down and she's got great courage! She protects her family even though she's small. She's always there when needed and is a great companion. She loves playing with balls and squeaky toys and she knows lots of cool tricks! She knows sit, lay down, beg, dance, speak, nod, crawl, and she knows stay, wait, search, come here and fetch She is a great dog!
Hello, pretty Idun! You are a busy girl -- guarding your house and yard and protecting your family! Then, when your work is done, it is time to play with a ball or a squeaky toy, and enjoy some time for love and companionship Your days are very full! You are a lovely girl, too with your white, brown and black coat, and your brown eyes keeping a look-out on everything and everyone. I hope you are having a fun day today as the Dog of the Day! Please have your family give you some big hugs for me to celebrate you! Happy Dog of the Day, Idun in beautiful Sweden!