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    Hello, goofball! Hope you have a crown to go with the name for your day as DOTD.

    You're a very lucky pup to have rescued such a loving family.
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    OH Prince, my heart aches when iI read horror stories about cruel breeders. I"m so glad you family saved you and you will get to know what a life with a loving family is all about. Happy well deserving DOTD!! xoxoxo
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    Hello Prince, it's a pleasure to meet you. What an adorable cute fella you are! I am so glad you now have a wonderful loving home with humans AND pugs. It must seem as if you're in heaven to be able to run around, play, and have people who really care about you. I like your color very much--such a cute dog. I hope you have many happy years with your family. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Precious Prince!

    Hi Prince! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet baby boy, and to all of your furry brothers and sisters too! Oh yes, Prince, I sure did enjoy all of your precious, squee worthy pics, seeing you SO happy, playing with your Pug pal, being loved on by your Mommy! As your Mommy says, it's simply amazing, the ability of animals to learn to love and trust humans after suffering such unspeakable, unconscionable abuse and neglect. It brings tears to my eyes, reading of the condition you were found in when rescued, thinking of how terribly lonely and frightening your "existence" was, and I can only imagine the strength, the courage it took for you to hold on until your rescuers could find you. But I can see from that big smile on your adorable face, that while some emotional scars may linger you are now one VERY happy doggie, enjoying your new life, your new family and furry siblings,to the max...and your mini pool! It was a long time coming, Prince, but finally you are in the loving arms of forever humans, a family who will love and cherish you for all the days of your life, and how very deserving you are! What a great story, truly inspirational! Thanks for the smiles, cutie pie! Hope you and all of your furry sibs are enjoying a very happy, fun filled Dog of the Day bash, being treated to all your hearts desire, and then some! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Prince, our very special and most deserving Dog of the Day! Long and happy life to you, sweetheart!

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    You're adorable Prince! Congrats on being DOTD!
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