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Thread: New pictures of the gang :D

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    New pictures of the gang :D

    Don't think I've posted pictures of Loki in a while...he's getting really big. He's actually taller/longer then Clover and Zeke now. Not as heavy yet. Also I have a lot of respect for those of you who can take pictures of your 5 dogs all sitting nicely next to each other to take pictures...cause it's hard just with 2 or 3 lol. Every time they were sitting nicely together one would move or look away.

    More coming

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    (Clover, Zeke, Loki) lol see what I mean? Zeke always has a squinty face when he's taking group pics/ he's really starting to show is age

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Oh also an update on Clover. I think I mentioned me and Clover's scare when she escaped on Canada day. After her paws healed up (they look good as new) she seemed like her old self again. She wasn't afraid of noises etc. However a few weeks later the neighbors decided a new drive way was necessary and there was a lot of banging as you can imagine. Clover was terrified and was trembling all day and hiding under my bed. I got some meds from the vet to calm she was that bad. Since then every noise scares her. Motor cycles especially. She wouldn't go outside to pee in her yard, she didn't want to go for walks or anything. I got some private training lessons from a trainer though and have been working on positive training to improve her. She's sooo much better then she was. She'll go play in her yard, she was even at the dog park today and completely ignored a near by motor cycle. She still has bad days but I'm glad she's feeling better.

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Whew, glad she's feeling better about noises! And such fun photos! Of COURSE someone's looking away, or closes their eyes as soon as you snap the picture! Amy and Kay have exceptionally well trained dogs, and even they sometimes post the "outtakes!" Loki is getting HUGE! How old is he now?
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    Loki is 4 months now. Clover and Zeke are very well trained too, but Zeke doesn't like sitting next to anyone and Loki is still learning stay. He thinks if you crouch down (to get a picture) that means come see me lol.

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    What a gorgeous bunch! Loki is such a handsome fellow
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    I think you got a few really good pics! All three of the pups are adorable! Loki's growing up too fast!
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    LOL i love the 4th pic down on the second post. the expression Clover has an her tongue half sticking out is too cute. theyre all good shots though ^^
    nice looking bunch you got

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    Awwww just love those pics, such handsome dogs.

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    Beautiful, beautiful pups!!

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    Thanks everyone

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    LOL I have to admit I giggled at the one of your three! Zeke is like "maybe if I squint like this she'll go away" and Clover is all like "HI MOM!"....such a cute bunch you have!

    As for Clovers noise tolerance, it ranges from dog to dog, Mikey is horrified by Fireworks but loud cars, motorcycles, don't bother him in the least?? I think it just depends on the day they're having

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    Yeah the motorcycles never bothered her until they did construction next door. I've never seen her afraid of any loud noises before the fireworks and she wasn't afraid of them last year when she was inside so I'm not sure what happened.

    Clover, Loki, Shadow, Pixel and Kyo

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    Such a great looking group of pups. Enjoyed seeing them!


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