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    Myndi - ending back-story

    As I had said in Myndi's Memorial, I would post an explanation of what transpired, since I'm certain that some could wonder how she could be seemingly fine one day, yet gone the next. Then I decided not to post. Well I've changed my mind yet again, since a very wise PT member here thought that there could be some useful info in the account - something that just might help some other pet parent in the future. I have learned much here over the years by reading of various issues - both good and bad - and perhaps there might be something in Myndi's story that could help others in the future. If it does, then my posting or your reading will not be a waste of time.

    Myndi was very old - 17.5 years - and had outlived her life expectancy by a long time. She had heart and kidney issues for several years. The kidney issue was managed very well with a prescription diet, and the heart issue was just a matter of a vital part wearing out. There was no med to give her to help that wouldn't do more harm to her kidneys, so she continued on as her happy, spunky and spazzy self with little problems. She was strong and determined to do things her way. She was no "shrinking violet" or a delicate and fragile little China Doll type, even tho her heart was slowing her down some.

    Last Spring she started having fainting/near fainting spells, from her heart not pumping enough oxygen to her brain. They were infrequent and didn't faze her much at all - she would be back up and bouncing around in just a few minutes like nothing had happened. Then those "episodes" were on the increase the last month or so - not everyday - but a definite increase. She didn't have CHF like Sparky did, and her vet still didn't want to put her on any heart med and cause more kidney damage, and likely would not have been beneficial to her heart anyway.

    Myndi had 3 of her "episodes" last week - one each early a.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and made her almost instantaneous recovery as usual. She didn't have one Thursday so decided on the light spa treatment. She was fine - ate a snack and her lunch and then took her nap. Still okay when she got up, but then later wouldn't eat her supper. All she did was pace-pace-pace. She used to pace a little - I called it "doing laps exercise", but only a few minutes at a time. This went on non-stop and she would only stop when I picked her up. She was totally agitated and confused - would stop by her water bowl and look at it like she didn't know what it was or why she stopped - take a couple of laps of water and pace some more. She would get into a corner and stand there like she didn't know how to get back out, and I'd have to rescue her. Of course I'm getting FRANTIC now. Took her to bed - paced all over the bed - put her down on the floor - paced more. Around 2 a.m. we went back to the living room - figured she might go under my desk and go to sleep - finally at 4:30 she did and I fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up at 6 and she was already up pacing. Tried breakfast - she wouldn't eat so I called the vet at 7 and took her in at 9:30. I knew this was bad - REALLY BAD! I knew deep down that she wouldn't be coming back home with me.

    After I told doc what was happening she listened to Myndi's chest and said she never heard so much furious activity inside one little dog as she was hearing then - was even hearing a lot where she should be hearing none. The heart was furiously working to get more oxygen to her brain, but it just wasn't enough to sustain her - thus the confusion and agitation and pacing. Her mind was slipping away with her body. Nothing to do but let nature take it's course. I could take her home and wait for one of 3 things to happen - #1 she could go to sleep and not wake up, #2 she could pace herself into total exhaustion and collapse and die, #3 seizures followed by death. I would pray for #1, but that wasn't likely after her actions the previous night, and 2 and 3 just weren't options for me to consider, so I had Dr. Annie help my girl one last time. She gave her a strong sedative to knock her out and I sat cuddling my girl for about 15 more minutes, then doc came back in and gave her the final injection. I stayed with and cuddled her for about another 20 minutes, and then made the lonely trip home alone. She is being cremated and will come home to me next week. It broke my heart to let her go, but "Myndi" was no longer inside that little head of hers, and in all reality had only a few hours or days left. She had been slipping away for the last few months, but she was such a strong-willed and determined little girl, that she worked right thru it and continued on with life pretty much normal and as usual. I want to remember her that way, and it was less than 24 hours before when she was still her spunky and sassy little self. She wasn't going to let anyone treat her like that breakable China Doll that she never was! And thank God that she didn't have to linger on, trapped in a mind that was alien.

    In a way, I'm grateful that this happened now - before the move to NC. I don't think she would have adapted at all, and the biggest reason I've been dragging my feet with this move, was all because of Myndi. It would have been so wrong to take her away from the only home and people that she has ever known and loved. Even tho I would be with her - nothing else would be the same. But at least she got to make a trip down there with us in May, and now she will be familiar with it when we finally do get down there. Of course she and Sparky (as well as other RB kids) will make the move there. too.

    So did too much activity from her spa day cause too much stress and her ultimate demise???? - no, of course not. It was just a coincidence and I will never think otherwise. This had been a long time coming and could have happened at any time and under any circumstances. If you doubt it, read "The Clock of Life" in my siggy - I believe that it applies to our furkids too.

    My house (and heart) is so empty right now, but I know the pain will subside. Right now the only good side to this, is that she is with Sparky once again. What a pair they were....

    See below pic - so typical - front and center with a big smile and being the center of attention. This was taken Christmas morning several years ago and has always been a favorite of mine since it shows her personality so good. Also another of my granddaughter and the 2 Fuzzbuttz.
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