Hi everybody! It's Buddy here! It's been two months since Mommy found out I am blind. I'm not doing very good. When I try to play, I end up banging my head, or my nose, on something. So now I just sleep most of the time. It's safer. Mommy is sad about something. She was cuddling me, and she was telling me something about how she can't be here for me often enough because of work, and how hopefully my new family will have more time for me. I don't know why she was crying, so I licked her face and made her laugh. But even her laugh was sad. She told me this morning to enjoy my last day as a man cuz I get neutered tomorrow. Whatever that means! But it's time to go pester Lolli. Owww! I banged my nose on the doorway and tripped over my feed bowl. I guess I'll go sleep under the bush again.

Yup! I've made the incredibly difficult decision to re-home Buddy. A Springer rescue is going to find a wonderful home for him. I get to be his foster mom until he gets adopted. He's a happy boy when I am with him, but I'm just not home very much. It breaks my hears to see him get so depressed. I know he'll find a wonderful home! It makes the decision a bit easier, knowing it's best for him, but it is still heartbreaking. Thanks for reading!