Hi all! It's been a while since I've been on Pet Talk! Thought I'd drop in and say hi, and update you guys on my crew!

We recently suffered a huge loss and lost our dear Kaedyn in June. He was estimated to be anywhere between 16-18 years old. I had him for almost 10 years so while my heart is hurting deeply over the loss, I found peace in knowing he lived a very long life and got to live in a love filled home for almost 10 years.

The rest of my crew is doing well and we just recently celebrated Kwik's 2nd birthday as well as Kai's 11th birthday. Time flies! Some of you might even remember when I got Kai as a puppy!

The last time we were on Pet Talk, Kwik as just a wee little thing..

Now she's a beautiful full grown Malinois!

My other Malinois, Keeva, is turning 7 in October. We're still training and competing in agility and having a blast!

And my precious Kai is happy and healthy. Can't believe he's 11 already!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand... we're adding another Malinois to our family soon! We're on a list for puppies due in the first week of September, so my new puppy will be coming in the beginning of November! We're just getting out of the puppy phase with Kwik and now I'm getting ready to raise another puppy.. and another working bred Malinois on top of that! I must be a sucker for punishment! I'm very excited as I've never had a pup at 8 weeks! We will be training for agility mainly but I hope to try out a bunch of sports - flyball, K9 Nosework, competitive obedience, Rally-O.. very, very excited!

Happy to be back to PT and will make an effort to post more from now on!