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Thread: RIP Nora Jean, a retired service dog

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    RIP Nora Jean, a retired service dog

    We had adopted a retired service dog six years ago and Nora was enjoying her retirement years right along
    with myself and my retired husband. She passed away on July 29,20213 at the age of 14. She was a yellow lab and she was adopted from the Susquehanna Service dog organization in Harrisburg,PA
    She had a great life as a service dog because she went on a plane to Las Vegas, went on a Disney Cruise and visited
    Disney World and Atlantic City, Washington, DC, and other places.
    She was a very smart dog because she attended classes at Pitt University with the boy who she had helped.
    Nora was friendly to every person and animal that came her way; there was not one aggressive bone in her body.
    Her Great Dane buddies next door miss her too.
    Our vet sent a lovely planter and a card with this verse:

    Grieve not nor speak of me with tears,
    but laugh and talk of me as if I was beside you.
    I loved you so...'.twas heaven here with you by Isla Paschal Richardson

    I'll try not to get tears but right now I still have them.

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    Rest in peace, beloved Nora Jean!
    I've Been Frosted

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    What a wonderful dog, who provided assistance to someone and then was able to have a wonderful couple provide a loving home for her during her retirement years. I'm in tears after reading the poem from the vet. May your memories of Nora Jean be a comfort to you.


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