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Thread: Training my kitten

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    Training my kitten

    I have this kitten she is around 13-15 weeks old ive had her since she was 7 weeks. Shes getting to the point were she is jumping on the table an counters and biting and scratching me alot more than normal. I can be laying perfectly still and she will run up and bite my arm multiple times and claw me. I have plenty of cat toys a cat tree and i run around the house having her follow shoestrings and such. I want to know if there is anyway i can train her to stay off the counters and not hurt me. I dont want to pop her like my dad says but if theirs no other option i guess i will >_> i jus dont wanna hurt my baby

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    Do NOT "pop" her like your dad recommends. Keeping her off counters can be done, a spray bottle with some water in it may deter her. Or clapping your hands loud to startle her, things like that. Of course keeping anything tempting off the counters is a good idea, too!

    She needs to learn biting and scratching you is not going to get good results. Always have a toy nearby to offer her, and if she scratches or bites you, withdraw and stop playing. She's just a kitten, you'll have to do this repeatedly, but she will get it sooner or later!
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    Karen gave you some good advice, but it takes time and patience. A lazer pen might be something she'll enjoy, too. Keep her active and tire her out before bedtime.

    Good luck!

    It's a shame she was taken from her mother so early.

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