I bought two hermit crabs yesterday in Wildwood. It cost me maybe $21 but overall these boardwalk shops do not know anything about taking care of hermit crabs. I have a small wire cage right now with painted shells and not even an inch of gravel. So I'm off to buy another 2 gallon or 1 gallon tank and some extra supplies so I can have my spoiled hermits again! Hermit crabs require much more substrate and for the bottom of the tank (especially during molting) and much more room. Plus, I need something to keep the humidity in. I know they do like to climb but wire is not the way to go. I'm just going to spoil them.
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They're names are Kirk and Spock, aside from the bigger one (Kirk) being a female, it's still just Kirk and Spock.

Oh and I didn't choose them based on shells, I chose them based on activeness. And they sure are active hehe! I'll be buying them natural shells so hopefully they won't have to deal with the gross painted ones.
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Mikey is extremely curious!