1/24/1996 ~ 8/9/2013

Myndi departed this world as we know it, at 9:55 a.m. on Friday, August 9, 2013, all the while laying comfortably and peacefully in my arms. She is now enjoying the beautiful Rainbow Bridge with her brother Sparky at her side.

Myndi came into my life the day before Thanksgiving in 1996. She was still a baby - only 10 months old - and in need of a home, so I stepped forward and offered. The rest is history. I knew nothing about her, other than the fact that she was absolutely adorable, but I soon learned all about her. She was very smart, a diva, drama queen, bossy brat (in an endearing sort of way), stubborn, strong, determined, and gotta be the center of attention type. But all of that worked very well for her and added to her charm.

She was a "house hound" - never liked the outdoors, even in the nice weather. Even when I had an outside fenced in play area built for her and Sparky, she hated that too. She and Sparky both would stand at the gate and look sad and forlorn and act like they were being banished from the house, and just wait for me to let them out. About the longest they ever stayed in it at one time, was about an hour. The area was eventually demolished due to lack of use/interest.

Since Myndi was an only canine child and I was still a working pet mom, I decided she needed a companion to keep her company during the day when I was at work. Enter Sparky in 1999. Being that she was so possessive, I didn't know if it would work out. I introduced them, and after about 10 or 15 minutes, Myndi decided to keep him - on her terms, of course. In those few minutes she set down the ground rules and let him know that she was boss - and would always be the Alpha Dog. He signed the agreement and they went on to live a typical big sister/little brother life together, complete with squabbles and disagreements from time to time.

She was a relatively healthy dog. She had bad knees, but that never slowed her down until later in life when they became arthritic, but pain meds managed that very well. Several years ago she had a near fatal health issue with an intestinal bleed, but within a couple of weeks and meds and a special diet, she was bouncing around like nothing had ever happened. She shocked us all - including her vet - by even surviving. This is when she earned the nickname of "Miracle Myndi". She had other silly nicknames such as Minnie-Minnie, Myn, The Myn, Jaws, Ninners, Ninner Nuts, Blackie, Hairy Black Spider, etc. She recognized some of the ones used more frequently.

Myndi was a devoted and loving little companion, and showed me this in so many ways over the years. When she was still quite young, I was very ill for an extended period of time, and mostly confined to bed. Every day she would jump up on the bed and burrow her way under the blanket to the foot of the bed, and lay at my feet for hours on end. Other times if I was sick or just down in spirit, she seemed to sense it and tried to do something to cheer me.

And then she started getting old, and we encountered the slowly failing health. Thankfully it was a slow process for her, and she refused to succumb to old age without a fight. There were the aging kidneys that didn't work up to par, but major problems were kept at bay with a special diet. She also developed a heart murmur, but it never progressed into CHF as Sparky's did. However, her heart was slowing down and becoming less efficient, and no meds or special diet can reverse that, so of course that slowed her down little by little. No one could believe that she was almost 18. She sure didn't act it, and being the strong and determined dog that she was, she stayed happy and bouncy right up to the end. The spirit was still strong and willing, but the heart ran out of energy.

And with that, the "Era of the Fuzzbuttz" has come to an end. What a grand time and wonderful ride it was!!! I'll forever love and miss both of those little hairballs. My life will never be quite the same, but I am grateful to them both for changing and enriching it.

Myndi - my pretty girl - I miss you so much. I understand that you had to leave - you were just so old and getting so tired. You have earned your rest and the whole new and exciting journey with your brother and lots of new friends that you will meet at RB. I promise you that we will all be together again one day. Farewell for now, but never good-bye.................

Kisses, hugs, cuddles, and more kisses from me and your favorite person, Steve. We will both love you and miss you forever. I keep listening for the tinkle, tinkle of the tags on your collar, but I don't hear them anymore.

Myn - this is a secret so don't tell Steve. He asked me if he could have one of the tags that was on your collar, and of course I said "yes". He took the dog bone shaped one that has your name, address and phone # engraved on it, and put it on the keyring with his motorcycle key. You can't get much of a higher honor than that.
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