I don't think I've posted pictures in a few months of the puggaface, so here he is. His life has been pretty boring lately but he's getting back into the swing of having his mom around again and going to the park and having fun. He's going to be six next month and for some reason I'm dreading it because that's one year closer to ten which is the unlucky number for my dogs. I'm just hoping he breaks that streak. I know it's awful to say that but it just is always at the back of your mind. Especially with his greying face. I think I'm just paranoid.

This is as far as the little pansy will go in water. He just hates it and it's kind of laughable watching him walk slowly into it.

This was last week. We found a log bridge and explored and "Island". Mikey tried to eat a frog...you know the usual.

This is just my precious muffin.

He's SO cute in this one!

I like water mom give me some water please.

Found him like this one morning. He's a real character that's for sure!

Quite the Brown-eyed baby, huh?

In typical alcoholic fashion

By the way, am I crazy or does he look like a good weight? Everyone tells me I starve him. I got that the other day at the reservoir and the neighbor asked me if I was feeding him -_-