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URGENT, Menifee, California: Special Needs Cat, damaged by anesthesia, needs home now!!!!
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Menifee, California, near San Diego and Orange County. This is an emergency urgent situation for Becky who was a victim of a hoarder. When she was spayed, something went wrong and she was neurologically damaged, not being able to see or hardly hear.

Becky found a forever home, but now her adopter is very very ill and Becky has nowhere to go. We fear the worst for her now.

She urgently needs a home immediately! Only a few days to help her!!! She is fully vetted.

Please, please, Becky needs a miracle and a miracle fast URGENTLY!
Contact Loreen who is trying to help Becky's mom place her! THIS IS A MAYDAY!!!

Email Loreen NOW at [email protected]
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