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Vineland New Jersey Free Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitten on Craigslist! 10 weeks old!
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Address:Vineland, NJ 08361
Date Posted:07/30/13
Offered by:Owner
Hello, this is Marbles the amazing kitten.The vet says she has a neurological disorder that makes her wobbly-that's how she got her name. Her whole back side shakes when she walks. But that doesn't stop her! She is 8-10 weeks old, and super feisty. When we found her she was the hissy one of the bunch. She has really warmed up to people and is great with kids. She is still super feisty though. She loves to play and loves toys. She climbs up on the couch and curls up next to anyone who will let her. Marbles will play with anything she finds on the floor, and loves dangly strings and my crinkly kitten tunnel. If you are looking for a playful ball of energy, Marbles is the kitty for you! She is completely litter trained, eating solid food, and free to a good home. I can bring her to you if you are within a reasonable distance.

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