My cat Simba has been acting really strange for a little while now. At first we thought it was because we introduced a guinea pig into the house. He started peeing on the chair after the guinea pig did so we assumed it was a territory thing but now he won't stop. He's trained and everything I mean he's 6. Then our st. bernard got fleas and my step father didn't notice so the whole house is covered in them. We used front line plus but then we still had them after a week or so and tried another spray on kind. The weird part is how cuddly he's gotten, he likes to sleep in my room and then I left for a little bit and my mom told me he was crying but she didn't know why. Now he's curled in the corner for some reason, he's never gone there before. I'm probably just over thinking things but he's just not his usual self so I'm freaking out a little. He usually just walks around or chills out on the couch, not on a weird random spot in my room. So yeah any advice would be helpful I'm just really scared.