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Thread: My boys

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    My boys

    Hi all! I haven't posted here more than a few times in the last 8 years, but the lurking post in General got me to log in for the first time in a long time. For those who don't remember me or don't know me, I terriers and I now have a chiweenie. We adopted him about 3 years ago and he's about 4 years old now. We recently lost our sweet Millie to cancer and we're now left with just the three boys. Thought I'd post a couple of crappy cell phone pics of them and say hi to everyone.

    Chester has a tumor growing in his chest and his time is limited, but he's 14.5 and has had a GREAT life. He and Bowser are bffs. For those of you who remember us, he wasn't always dog friendly, so he has come a LONG way.

    I'll try to participate more often. I don't know why I don't post, but I do read PT almost every day!

    Chester, Little Bit (formerly known as Tucker), Bowser and the three of them together.
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    I remember you and your pups! They're adorable and it's good to see them again!
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    I remember! I pull out your Christmas ornament every year!
    welcome Home -
    So sorry to hear about Millie, I lost my white cat Kylie, and my golden Keegan in May and June of last year, 3 weeks apart. Kylie was 11 and Keegan was 10.
    I still have Kloe the tortie,( She's 9) and now have Brodie. I just celebrated his 1 year Gotcha Day last week. He's a 6 year old Lab/Golden mix. And He's darn near perfect! I have several pics of him on Facebook if you want to friend me.
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    Yay, glad to see your current crew, so sorry about Chester, but glad he has had such a good, long run with you after all!
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    Aw hello there lads . It is great to hear from you Micki .
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    Looks like your boys live a life a leisure! They sure are adorable and I hope to see you all around here more often.
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    hey micki! I remember your crew. so sorry to hear about millie and chester. Your 3 boys are adorable! Look forward to you posting more on them.

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    hehe, gotta love the ears

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    They are well and truly spoiled.

    So sorry to hear about your kids, Staci. I'm worried about the same thing happening with Chester. We just lost Millie on 7/22 and I fear he's going to be right behind her. At least he's had the best I could give him. We started him on Atopica for his allergies a few years ago and that's been his miracle. It changed his life completely!


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