Maya's a mix of poodle and yorkshire terrier. She's very smart and care a lot about us (every time she hears someone crying, she jumps, licks the person and starts crying as well).

Even though she has just recently arrived with us, she's already a very important part of my family. She's really lovely and funny (and grumpy sometimes). She loves to bite and always tries to eat everything she lays her eyes on (even if it is a foot or a hand sometimes).She sleeps everywhere and any time that she's not playing. She loves water and cold. We know this because every time we open the refrigerator, she enter it and doesn't allow us to close it anymore).

Since she's very little, she doesn't know any tricks yet, and she's very affectionate. She hates to be alone and, every time she is, she start crying really loudly. Even though she's really sweet most of time, she's also very stubborn and, if someone says "no" to her, she gets really mad and starts barking very loud. She loves everybody and everybody loves her!
Hello, adorable Maya! You are such a cute puppy! How wonderful that you give licks to someone who is sad - you are a cheer-up girl! It sounds like you play hard, and then you nap hard! Then it is time to peek into the refrigerator and see what's available to eat! I can tell from your photos and story how much you are loved! Happy Dog of the Day, cutie Maya!